Fine Art Photography

Fall Reflection_10 © Tresha GlenisterL5P Halloween Parade_8 © Tresha GlenisterWhimsy © Tresha GlenisterVenus Cloudtrap © Tresha GlenisterBanff, Canada © Tresha GlenisterFort Christiansted, Saint Croix © Tresha GlenisterInverted Chicken © Tresha GlenisterJust when you thought it was safe... © Tresha GlenisterL5P Halloween Parade_13 © Tresha GlenisterSlot Canyon, Arizona © Tresha GlenisterStained Glass © Tresha GlenisterSunset Cruise, Saint Lucia © Tresha GlenisterTraces of Alice © Tresha GlenisterWaiting © Tresha Glenister

In the spirit of simplicity (and small smartphone displays), this is what you need to know about me — I love photography. I love finding interesting shots in something that seems so ordinary. I love bright colors. But I like black and white too. I love to laugh. I love to travel, and I love to hike when I’m traveling. I love to capture my favorite travel (and non-travel) moments with my camera. I would like to invent an invisible camera so I can capture aforementioned moments in a more spontaneous and organic way. I like underwater photography… but I don’t particularly like the pool. A conundrum. I love reflections. I like to pretend that I’m still an art student and challenge myself with more conceptual pieces occasionally. I have way more ideas in my head than I have time to produce. I love the validation of being accepted into shows, and I love being inspired and motivated by the incredible Atlanta fine art photography community!