Topsy Turvy

in conjunction with ACP2017

Currently on view: Akasa Salon – 593 Edgewood Ave – Atlanta, GA

I attribute my fascination with water to a childhood spent on the coast in Savannah, Georgia. Over the years, I’ve noticed this unconscious theme throughout my work. Water. Under, over, reflected, manipulated. I seem to always come back to water when I’m feeling particularly creative. Or when my mind wanders to strange and quirky places; places summoned by the stirring of dark recesses in art school. In creating this series, I decided to embrace the themes of water and strange and quirky full-on. Whether used as the starting point or the focal point, the flow of each image was entirely directed by the visual versatility of water.  I’ve combined elements in each image that invite the viewer to question their initial perception, or to create order out of the chaos. Is it creepy? Is it fun? Or maybe a little of both? “Both” is my favorite.