2018 Upcoming Exhibitions

“Synchronicity” Atlanta Artists Center
Grandview Gallery, 2979 Grandview Ave, Atlanta, GA
March 6 – 30

“illuminate” The Paideia School 2018 Auction
Topsy Turvy “Flight” and Good Clean Fun “H20/11” up for bids
The Stave Room
199 Armour Drive, Atlanta, GA 30324
March 17, 6pm

“Photographer’s Choice” Atlanta Photography Group
March 30 – April 29

PB&J Gallery, Kirkwood, Atlanta
“Nine” A Photographer’s Collective
October 2018, Date TBD

Akasa Salon, Old Fourth Ward, Atlanta
New solo exhibit – Date TBD


Current Exhibition

Water Flow: Solo Exhibit

Akasa Salon | 593 Edgewood Ave. SE | Atlanta, GA 30312 | (404) 791-8464
An exhibition showcasing an eclectic mix of images inspired by the shifting shape and form of water. Whether used as the starting point or the focal point, the flow of each concept was entirely directed by the visual versatility of water. Turbulent, whimsical, or mysterious, each image invites curiosity and dialogue.

Juried Exhibitions

  • 2017  “Dogwood Show” – Atlanta Artists Center, Buckhead, Juror Margaret Dyer
  • 2017  “Simple Pleasures”-  McRitchie-Hollis Museum,  Newnan, GA, Juror Julie Dice Wynn; received 2 honorable mentions: “Stained Glass” and “White Christmas”
  • 2017  Decatur Arts Festival Fine Arts Exhibition – Dalton Gallery, Agnes Scott College; Jurors Anne Collins Smith, Yu-Kai Lin, Phil Proctor
  • 2017  Camera USA: National Photography & Exhibition Award – Naples Art Association; Jurors David Houston, Gary Monroe, Robin O’Dell
  • 2014  Lucinda Bunnen Selects (Atlanta Photography Group)
  • 2013  Barbara Griffin Selects (Atlanta Photography Group)
  • 2012  Jane Jackson Selects (Atlanta Photography Group)
  • 2012  “Seeing Red” – Juror Jane Wegodsky (Atlanta Artists Center)
  • 2011  “A Photographic Celebration” – Juror Mark Karelson/Mason Murer Gallery (AAC)
  • 2010  “A Photographic Celebration” Juror Kathryn Kolb/Serenbe Photography Ctr (AAC)
  • 2009   Fay Gold Selects (APG)
  • 2009   “In Your Dreams” – Juror Naomi Silva (APG)
  • 2008   Anna Skillman Selects (APG)

Gallery Exhibitions

PB&J Gallery, Kirkwood, Atlanta, GA

  • 2012  “Holiday Show”
  • 2011  “Nine” + “Holiday Show”
  • 2010  “Nine” + “Holiday Show”

Movies (photos used for set design)

  • 2013  “Last Vegas” (Starring Robert De Niro, Michael Douglas, Morgan Freeman & Kevin Kline)


  • 2014 – An article published by BURNAWAY  interviews Lucinda Bunnen and features my photo, “Up Above,” selected for her juried show at Atlanta Photography Group. I have since renamed my photo to “Owen” by Chip Thomas for The Painted Desert Project, Navajo Nation, Arizona.

“Owen” by Chip Thomas for The Painted Desert Project, Navajo Nation, Arizona

While enjoying a family bucket list trip –the Grand Circle Road Trip – we happened upon this striking black and white image popping up out of the barren landscape. It was so unexpected and thought provoking. I wondered if there was some significance to the image, or if it was just a random shot from the internet pasted to the side of this stand. A different version of a billboard? I jumped out and took a quick photo, but we were on a tight schedule to make it to Horseshoe Bend by sunset, so I didn’t give it too much thought.

Recently, I re-visited my photos and fell upon this image again. Yes, it was a striking image, but what did it make me “feel?” Sadness? Hope? Uncertainty? Did it make me “feel,” or was I simply intrigued by its unexpected appearance? I suddenly decided that my overall feeling was curious. I needed to learn the origin of this mural.

After much online digging, I finally learned that the mural in my photo captures just one installment of almost 40 in a public art project called, “The Painted Desert Project.” This particular mural is called “Owen” and was created by photographer Chip Thomas. This project was also the brainchild of Thomas, who is a doctor and activist as well, and runs a low-income clinic on the Navajo reservation, which he has called home for 30 years. Thomas describes the project on his website…  “In an effort to boost tourism on the reservation, to supplement the incomes of families with roadside stands, and to nurture the creative talent of local youth, I invited a few world-renowned street artists to come to the Navajo Nation to paint murals in 2012 and have continued doing so as funding allows.  This is the Painted Desert Project.”

Ahh, this is not random at all. NOW I felt other things. I felt sadness in that I missed the point. I felt regret in that I didn’t make more time to interact and buy some items in the stand behind this mural. I felt uncertainty when I looked at the beautiful child in this mural as I wondered what kind of future their parent imagines for them. I felt admiration in thinking about the strong connection the Navajo people have to their ancestral land. I felt hope when I thought of people like Thomas who are inspired to help others with every talent they possess. And lastly, I felt moved to share the story behind this photo in hopes of bringing more awareness to Thomas’ beautiful project.

If you find yourself traveling through Navajo Nation in NE Arizona, make sure you check out Thomas’ interactive map of installments!